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    My Medical Neighborhood gives you access to doctors, specialists, hospitals and other medical professionals and facilities at a lower cost to you. This website provides you with information that you can use to help decide which providers are best for you, your family and your budget.

    It is our goal to offer quality care at a great value to our Mohawk employees who participate in the Company’s Health Care Plan. Together, we can build a healthier workplace for all.

    What is My Medical Neighborhood

    My Medical Neighborhood is a robust network of a select group of health care providers, including hospitals, general practitioners, specialists and more. When you choose to receive care from a doctor or hospital/facility in My Medical Neighborhood, you will receive higher coverage under your plan and can help keep your costs lower.

    My Medical Neighborhood is for select zip codes in Northwest Georgia

    Welcome to the Neighborhood!

    Better choices for a better lifestyle

    The Mohawk Health Care Plan gives you a variety of options when it comes to managing your family's healthcare budget.

    You will continue to have your choice of physicians. Those in My Medical Neighborhood offer the highest value under your plan. And Health Savings Account (HSA) participants can use their HSA funds for qualified medical expenses at any level of coverage. Below are the different levels of coverage available to you in the Northwest Georgia and Chattanooga areas.

    Beter choices NWGA

    To see if your doctor or specialist is in the preferred tier, click on the “Find a Doctor” tab on the right.

    What are the benefits to me?

    In My Medical Neighborhood, you have easy access to a broad range of care — from pediatricians, surgeons and mental health providers to lab work and imaging. You may choose to keep even more of your hard-earned money in your pocket by visiting a Healthy Life Center. HLC’s offer value and convenience to Mohawk employees, spouses and dependents (age 2 and up), who participate in the Company’s Health Care Plan.

    We encourage you to learn more about your options by taking time to explore all that’s available through My Medical Neighborhood.

    Healthy Life Centers: Your choice for spending less while staying healthy

    Mohawk cares that you live better and spend less. Which is why Cigna Onsite has collaborated with local health care professionals to provide superior medical services, conveniently located at our Healthy Life Centers. Providers at our HLC’s can prescribe medications, refer you to a Neighborhood provider or collaborate with Health Coaches to address root causes of many illnesses. Choosing to go to a Healthy Life Center first can save you time and money on every visit.

    Biometric Screenings

    Its important to know your numbers. When you do, you can ensure that any health risks are addressed before they turn into severe medical issues.

    Biometric screenings are required for all employees in 2020. Visit MyMohawkBenefits.com for more information.

    100% Coverage on many Medical Services

    Mohawk’s Healthy Life Center should be your first stop in the My Medical Neighborhood if you want to save money on health care. In fact, many services at Healthy Life Centers are covered 100% through your Mohawk Health Care Plan!

    The services provided at your local Healthy Life Center include:

    • Adult physicals
    • Women's yearly exams
    • Pediatric care for children ages 2 and up
    • Routine adult immunizations
    • Preventive screenings
    • Blood work and monitoring
    • Urgent care and minor illness treatment (such as colds, the flu, etc.)
    • Acute Care ($20 fee)
    • Management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure
    • Certain sample medications as prescribed
    • Health coaching and more

    Where are the Healthy Life Centers in My Medical Neighborhood?

    Many Healthy Life Centers are conveniently located right inside company facilities, so you save time while saving money! There are Healthy Life Centers at the following locations:

    • Antioch - 2001 Antioch Road, Dalton, GA
    • Green St. Plaza - 508 E. Morris Street, Dalton, GA
    • Miles/DVD - 531 Duvall Road, Chatsworth, GA
    • Union Grove - 450 Clarence King Pkwy, Calhoun, GA
    • Lyerly - 5081 HWY 114, Lyerly, GA
    • Corporate Campus, Calhoun - 196 S Industrial Blvd, Calhoun, GA

    Virtual Healthy Life Centers

    • Industial Park - 2100 S Hamilton St, Dalton, GA
    • Green St Plaza - 508 E. Morris Street, Dalton, GA

    Who can visit a Healthy Life Center?

    It is always best to text or call for an appointment at 877-365-0051, but walk-ins are welcome the Healthy Life Centers.

    For extra convenience, download the Spruce app to text Your Healthy Life Care Team: mymohawkbenefits.com/hlct

    Need a Prescription?

    At our Healthy Life Centers, certain sample medications can be dispensed at no cost. For continued prescriptions, just use the Company's Mail Order program.

    Local retailers may also offer low-cost options on generic brands, where you could pay only $4 per prescriptions before your deductible and $0 after deductible. See your plan documents for complete information on costs and your plan’s prescription drug coverage. Click here to view the Pharmacy Plan


    Office Schedule a Healthy Life Center appointment today by texting or calling 877-365-0051

    Download the Spruce app to text Your Healthy Life Care Team: mymohawkbenefits.com/hlct

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    Neighborhood Specialties

    The more you know, the more you save!

    To keep your health care costs to a minimum, Employers Health Network (EHN) and Mohawk have identified choice doctors, surgeons and other medical specialists in our area. These select providers offer affordable care for our employees who participate in the Company Health Care Plan.

    Office Schedule a Healthy Life Center appointment today by texting or calling 877-365-0051

    Download the Spruce app to text Your Healthy Life Care Team: mymohawkbenefits.com/hlct

    If you choose a Healthy Life Center or a doctor or hospital/facility in My Medical Neighborhood, you receive more coverage under your plan and can help keep your costs lower. You also have access to other in-network doctors and hospitals/facilities, or can choose to receive care out-of-network, but your costs will usually be higher. To find a provider in the Neighborhood, use the Find a Doctor search tool.

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    On the Road to Health and Wellness.

    In My Medical Neighborhood, you can find the services you need to help you and your family make healthy life choices, and at a lower cost to you.

    Hospital Services

    Mohawk's Health Care Plan includes services from many well-recognized hospitals, and making these preferred hospitals your first choice can mean significant savings to you and your family.

    Erlanger Health Center, Chattanooga
    With a history that dates back more than a century, Erlanger is recognized as one of the nation's finest public hospitals and a leader in health care. Named “Best Hospital” in the region by U.S. News & World Report three years in a row, Erlanger is an accredited Primary Stroke Center and Top 100 Cardiovascular Hospital.

    Parkridge Medical Center, Chattanooga
    Parkridge Medical Center offers compassionate care and advanced technology in a comfortable and convenient setting. The 275-bed hospital near downtown Chattanooga features comprehensive diagnostic and medical/surgical services, including cardiovascular surgery, cancer treatment, intensive care, orthopedic and spine surgery, and rehabilitation.

    Parkridge East Hospital, Chattanooga
    Parkridge East Hospital, a facility of Parkridge Medical Center, is a 128-bed full-service, acute care hospital serving the Chattanooga, Tennessee and northwest Georgia area. Well known as a leader in obstetrics, high-risk births and women's services, Parkridge East also specializes in orthopedics, emergency care, inpatient & outpatient surgery and diagnostics. Parkridge East has been serving the community for over 30 years, and is your family's partner in health care for every stage of life.

    Hamilton Medical Center, Dalton
    Hamilton Medical Center is a 282-bed regional acute-care hospital that offers major medical, surgical and diagnostic services, including accredited stroke and chest pain centers. Included under Hamilton Medical Center are the Bradley Wellness Center, Hamilton Home Health and Hamilton Hospice.

    Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga
    Memorial offers a continuum of care including preventative, primary and acute hospital care, as well as cardiac, cancer, orthopedic, imaging, and a multitude of other services. Memorial is a regional referral center of choice with more than 3,800 associates and more than 660 affiliated physicians providing health care throughout Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia.

    Cartersville Medical Center, Cartersville
    The facility is a fully accredited, 112-bed general acute-care hospital providing medical, surgical, cardiac, obstetrical, pediatric, emergency, orthopaedic and outpatient services and a regional cancer center providing radiation oncology. Cartersville was named a Top Performing Hospital in 2011 and 2012 by the Joint Commission, based upon key quality measures.

    Redmond Regional Medical Center, Rome
    Redmond Regional Medical Center is a 230-bed acute care facility, serving as a referral source for all of Northwest Georgia and parts of Alabama. The hospital is fully accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC). Including its health care partners, Redmond has over 245 physicians with more than 30 specialties and a support staff of approximately 1,200 associates.

    Mohawk's Employee Assistance Program

    Provided through Cigna Behavioral Health, the Cigna Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Behavioral Health Care Management services are designed to help you and your family members successfully manage life's challenges by helping you identify options and make informed choices. It is a free and completely confidential service, which means you and your family members can talk with an expert and receive counseling, as well as referrals for legal and financial assistance. Cigna offers access to their personal advocates, who can direct you on where to find a local clinician in your area. Or you can go online to mycigna.com. You must register, even if not a health plan member. Pick EAP option only. While Mohawk pays for the service, the company is never given the specifics of any call. The information you and your family members provide is totally confidential.

    Issues commonly addressed through your EAP Benefit Include:

    • Family conflict -- divorce, custody, blended family, domestic violence issues
    • Grief -- accidents, illness, victim of crime, loss of a loved one
    • Changes at home, work, or school -- relocation, job stress, interpersonal problems, empty nest, aging parents
    • Personal growth -- interpersonal skills (relationship and/or communication) for work or family
    • Dependence or co-dependence issues -- alcohol, drugs, gambling


    Talk with a doctor anytime
    Connect with a nationwide network of Board Certified physicians through secure video or phone. Amwell is a benefit available to medical plan participants.* Participants and covered dependents seeking non-urgent care on demand can contact Amwell by phone for assistance. Amwell allows you to visit with local board-certified doctors and licensed therapists by online video or phone at any time, from practically anywhere.
    This benefit is available 24/7, including holidays to provide affordable quality care. Amwell physicians can diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions* for routine medical conditions. Using Amwell avoids long waits and eliminates cost associated with unnecessary visits to the ER or Urgent Care. It provides access to a doctor when your family doctor is unavailable. The cost is $38 per consult, which is applied toward your deductible.
    The doctor will see you now, from the convenience of home or office.
    Simply visit mohawk.amwell.com or call 1-855-818-DOCS to register - then you'll be ready to utilize this service when the need arises. There is no cost to register for Amwell.

    Your EAP is a completely free and confidential source of assistance including:

    • Stress Management
    • Depression/Anxiety
    • Family/Parenting
    • General Wellness & Healthy Living
    • Workplace Issues
    • Alcohol/Drug Abuse
    • Legal Services*
    • Financial Assistance

    Online Work/Life and Wellness Resources:

    You can call your Employee Assistance and Work/Life Support program any time, any day at 1-855-566-4295, or go online. For additional information and resources visit mycigna.com. You must register, even if not a health plan member. Pick EAP option only.

    *Legal services are not available for employment-related matters.

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    We created My Medical Neighborhood to help simplify health care and to make going to the doctor less costly for you and your family. But anything new can be confusing. We’ve tried to cover any questions you may have below. Feel free to call us anytime if you have any other issues to discuss. Call WebTPA at 844-380-4564, or the Benefits Service Center at 1-866-481-4922.

    Q: Can I keep my own doctor?

    A:Absolutely, the choice is up to you. First, find out if your doctor is in My Medical Neighborhood by using our FIND A DOCTOR search tool. If your doctor isn’t in My Medical Neighborhood, it’s totally up to you whether you want to stay with your doctor or switch doctors. If you stay with a doctor outside My Medical Neighborhood, a higher deductible and higher co-insurance will apply when visiting that provider.

    Q: How do I switch doctors?

    A:Call the new doctor you wish to see. Tell them that you are a new patient and give them the name of your old doctor. Your patient records will need to be transferred to the new doctor so allow plenty of time for this to be handled.

    Q: If I choose a doctor from My Medical Neighborhood, does everyone in my family also need to?

    A:By using in-network providers within My Medical Neighborhood, services will generally be at a lower cost to you, an you will have a different co-insurance, deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

    If you choose to see a provider out-of-network, you will have a co-insurance, deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. Deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums do not cross accumulate.

    Q: Should I switch doctors to save money on health care?

    A:Seeking care in or out of My Medical Neighborhood is a very personal choice. This website offers information to help you make an informed decision. However, you are encouraged to consider all relevant factors. You can also call Call WebTPA at 844-380-4564 or the Benefits Service Center at 1-866-481-4922 for more information.

    Q: What about hospitals in My Medical Neighborhood?

    A: Click here to see which hospitals are in My Medical Neighborhood.

    Q: What are the financial advantages of Mohawk’s Healthy Life Centers?

    A:Some services at HLC’s are covered 100%. That’s 0% cost to you. And acute care visits only cost $20! Acute care includes minor illness, treatment for colds, flu, earaches, strep throat, etc.

    Q: What is an HSA and why might I need one?

    A: A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-advantaged medical savings account, meaning the funds contributed to an account are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit. HSA funds may currently be used to pay for qualified medical expenses at any time without federal tax liability or penalty.

    Using an HSA can be a great way to lower your net out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

    Q: What is My Medical Neighborhood?

    A: My Medical Neighborhood is a network of select doctors, specialist, hospitals, facilities and other service providers created exclusively for Mohawk employees and their covered family members who participate in the Company’s Health Care Plan.

    Q: Where can I find doctors and facilities in My Medical Neighborhood?

    A:Use our FIND A DOCTOR tab on the right to see which doctors are in My Medical Neighborhood. It’s an easy tool that can help you identify health care providers in My Medical Neighborhood.

    To ensure you have the lowest cost, seek services from with My Medical Neighborhood.

    Q:What if I am traveling and need to see a doctor?

    A:If you are traveling or have a dependent living outside My Medical Neighborhood, you can still save money by using a doctor or hospital/facility that is part of the Aetna Signature Administrators (ASA) network. If you choose to receive care from an out-of-network doctor or facility, your costs will be higher. Deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums do not cross accumulate.

    Q:What if I have an emergency

    A:If you face a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately or visit the nearest hospital. For other healthcare issues, you may call WebTPA at 844-380-4564 for help in finding a doctor in the Neighborhood

    Q:What if I have dependents that reside in a different area?

    A:If your dependent does not live within the NW Georgia / Chattanooga area, they can visit a doctor that is part of the Aetna Signature Administrators (ASA) Network to help keep their costs lower.

    Q:Who can I call with other questions?

    A:If you have a question about My Medical Neighborhood or the providers in your area, call Call WebTPA at 844-380-4564. For questions related to your overall benefits call the Mohawk Benefits Service Center at 1-866-481-4922.

    Q:Who can take advantage of My Medical Neighborhood services?

    A:The network is available to all Mohawk employees, spouses, and dependent children who participate in the Company’s Health Care Plan in the Northwest Georgia/Chattanooga areas.

Quick Links Important Phone Numbers
  • Benefits Service Center: 1-866-481-4922